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I am a licensed cosmetologist. I specialize in natural hair ,extensions, bridal styles, cutting, coloring , and much more . I also sell Raw Indian Hair. I’ve been doing hair since I was 14. I love the idea of being able to make people look and feel great; enhancing their inner sparkle that so many people struggle to find. I’ve been a licensed cosmetologist since 2011. While working as a full time LPN, I always seemed to stray back to doing hair , it’s my passion. I started to wear hair extensions when I was 16, for my first sew in Install I used the best Raw Indian Hair around and couldn’t believe it lasted up to three years.


I’ve never been interested in weaves until I felt this hair. The voluminous wave and bounce of this Raw Indian Hair immediately caught my attention and has grasped the attention of many others. The fact that Raw Indian Hair is free from matting and tangling , the texture matches beautifully with fine , medium, and courser textures of hair. PLUS! It’s Raw, from a single donor, and has never been chemically processed this makes it 10x's better . I don’t see this much now a days . So I decided to do my research and start selling it.


I have some of the best Raw Indian Hair in the Philadelphia, Jersey, Delaware and surrounding areas and it can be shipped worldwide. Now a days, I have been focusing more on self worth , self love , and self faith , hoping to spread that same energy amongst my clients and customers. I pray that God continues to use me in the way He sees fit. Thus far, this has been by making other people feel and look beautiful!.

       “She will SPARKLE like jewels in a crown! How beautiful and wonderful she will be!”

                                                 -Jasmine Johnson, Owner

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