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what is raw indian hair?

The Sparklebyjazz Raw Indian Collection is natural hair that has never been chemically processed. It is hair that is donated from temples in India as a religious sacrifice. It’s cleansed, sanitized , wefted and packaged just for you.  It’s so beautiful and versatile. The Raw hair does not shed, tangle , or have a smell.

The Sparklebyjazz Raw Indian Collection can be pressed bone straight, curled , colored , and styled as desired. Please note that every bundle will not be identical, this hair DOES NOT come in a “body wave”, “C wave” or “S curl”, it is the purest form of a woman’s natural wave or curl. It returns to its natural wave pattern or curl when wet. Raw Indian hair can be high maintenance at times, but is the highest quality of hair that you can buy. I can promise you that once you wear it you’ll feel luxurious.


How to care for your Sparklebyjazz Raw Indian Hair:

  1. Detangle Hair using a Paddle brush or wide tooth comb.

  2. Wet the hair with warm water.

  3. Apply sulfate free shampoo ( if you use a shampoo with sulfates just deep condition after).

  4. Gently lather the hair with the shampoo be sure to comb the shampoo from the weft to the ends of the hair to prevent tangling while you shampoo.

  5. Repeat step 4 twice.

  6. Rinse shampoo thoroughly with warm water.

  7. Apply conditioner.

  8. Comb through the hair from weft to ends with the conditioner in the hair , allow conditioner to sit for 2 min.

  9. Thoroughly rinse conditioner with cool water.

  10. Towel blot the hair to remove access dripping water.

  11. Allow hair to hang and air dry.

  12. If you are straightening the hair blow drying may be necessary depending on the curl pattern.


The Sparklebyjazz Raw Indian hair should be washed biweekly. This Raw collection does not need heavy oils , light oils only . This Raw Collection can be styled with hot tools as desired and returns to its natural state by wetting the hair and adding a little leave in conditioner. Please allow hair to air dry when wearing it in its natural state to avoid disturbing the natural wave or curl pattern.



Once you remove your raw hair extensions I recommend dethreading , shampooing , and deep conditioning them with silicone mix conditioner, rinse very well and let it air dry.  Store your hair in the satin bag provided to you so that it’s prepared for your next install.  As always if you have any questions you can email me at

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